August 22, 2017


Who is CCC?


Charisma Community Connections (CCC) is a faith based community development organization that endeavors to work in conjunction with existing developing organizations to enhance the lives of those within our community. Our mission is to provide community and economic development through education, innovative training and technology.

CCC operates out of a 20,000 square foot structure at 1477 Copley Road , Akron, Ohio to operate our church (Mountain of the Lord Fellowship), mentoring programs, technology & training center and after school enrichment programs.

CCC resides in the “Buchtel Cluster” which consists of four (4) schools in the Akron Public School District and is home to over 6,000 residents and serves nearly 1,700 students.

CCC endeavors to work in conjunction with existing organizations throughout Summit County to enhance the lives of youth and adults in our community. We are able to accomplish this goal successfully by operating programs and on-going events such as:

The Bridges Center for Mentoring &
Youth Development

Mission: To create a community of professional volunteers who will help young people prepare for adulthood and the world of work. Bridges seeks to be a model of academic and community excellence by focusing on improving skills that transform youth into productive adults. We re-direct their destinies from being a part of the problem to becoming a part of the solution and we offer them the benefits of:

  • personal mentoring
  • educational enrichment
  • career and clinical counseling

Such a dynamic shift supports the growth of our communities both spiritually and economically and allows us to have a profound impact on future generations. The Bridges program was established in 2001 and serves 50 children ranging from ages 8 to 18. All mentors must pass a criminal background check and character assessment interviews to be considered for a position.


Violence Free Zone

With the assistance of the National Center for Neighborhood Enterprise (NCNE) and the U.S. Dept. of Justice Weed and Seed strategy, the Copley Road corridor has been designated a Violence Free Zone (VFZ). The VFZ consists of five (5) components:

  • Violence Free
  • Drug Free
  • Crime Free
  • Ignorance Free
  • Poverty Free

The VFZ purpose is to:

  • Address the needs of youth through programs that support the primary role of the family
  • Give priority to the prevention of youth crime
  • Promote increased community coordination and collaboration.
  • Victim Assistance
  • Counseling
  • Advocacy

Mondale Counts
Technology and Training Center

The Mondale Counts Technology and Training Center offers programs using technology as the primary learning tool. It will be a state of the art technology learning center with:

  • 25 high end computers
  • high speed Internet connection various educational software
  • digital cameras
  • other multimedia equipment

Sports, Health and Recreation Program

SHaRP was created to teach youth healthy choices and positive characteristics, such as teamwork, leadership and commitment through recreational activities. One of our successful accomplishments was the Ohio Wildkats youth girls basketball team which participated in AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) competition and ranked 4th in the State of Ohio.

Youth Education for Today

Our goal is:

  • To provide literacy instruction and one on one tutoring.
  • To be effective in increasing reading performance following a daily regimen of activities, varying in age, grade and reading level.
  • Assuring a balanced literacy program comprised of independent student reading with the 1000 book challenge as the primary reading program.