August 22, 2017


Our Vision

  At Mountain of the Lord Fellowship, it is our vision to affect the City, State, Nation, and the World through the Power and Word of God.  We accomplish this vision with the help of people like you!

In order to see our vision reach fruition we must utilize the W.E.B.
Worship         Evangelism        Building the Body


At M.O.T.L., we worship the Father through:


  • Songs – Praise Team, Musicians and Choirs
  • Supplication – Prayer
  • Sermons – Teaching/Preaching the Word.
  • Service – Serving in the house of God.
  • Sacrifice – Tithing, Offering, and Special Giving


Through outreach programs and events we:

  • Sow – Sowing the gospel of Jesus Christ into individuals.
  • Water – Reminding them of the hope that replenishes each of us.
  • Compel – Compel them to serve God in every aspect of their life.
  • Love – God’s power in action.


M.O.T.L. continues to build the body of Christ through:

  • Discipleship – Spiritual growth.
  • Fellowship – Becoming a part of the family.
  • Relationship – Being part of the team.
  • Stewardship – Taking responsibility for your spiritual growth